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Your Miles Can Bring Rescue & Freedom from Trafficking

You will bring freedom to trafficked individuals when you use your miles to raise funds. We’ve been leading fundraisers for years, and we’re here to walk you through yours! By following these steps and using the copy-and-paste templates we provide, you'll be well on your way to reaching your fundraising goal.

STEP 1: Create a Fundraiser

Now that you’ve registered for a 30FF event, it’s time to build your fundraising page on Venture Miles.
Create an account or log in to your existing account at
Click the  ☰  menu button, go to Challenges, and find 30 for Freedom. Click "Join" and fill out the form.
If you want your fundraiser to count toward a team, search for the team and click "Join" to link your fundraiser to it.
For a visual walk-through, check out this video.

STEP 2: Share Your Fundraiser

When you tell your community what you’re doing and why, your physical sacrifice on behalf of others will inspire people to donate. Here are some practical tips to get started.


Visit your fundraising page and make the first donation. Whatever amount you choose is great, and it tells your donors you're all in!


The first ask is always the hardest, so start by asking someone you’re close to. Tell them you’re running to raise money to fight human trafficking, and ask them to support your fundraiser.


Share a pic or video while you’re training. When people SEE your sacrifice toward a cause you care about, they will feel moved to give.

Remember, people want to support you. You just have to ask.
Get Your Fundraiser Link
To view your fundraiser, log in to your Venture Miles Dashboard and click "View Fundraiser".

STEP 3: Cross the Finish Line & Log Your Miles

Join us on race day and cross that finish line knowing your miles have forever changed the lives of trafficked individuals. Then, sign into Venture Miles and log your miles to show you finished the race and to trigger donations from any per-mile pledges to your fundraiser.
Log your miles

Ready-To-Post Graphics

These graphics are freely available for you to pick from and post on your social media to help you share your fundraiser with your community.

Fundraising Templates

These templates can be used as a starting point when creating and sharing your fundraiser. Replace the highlighted parts and add a personal touch by adding some of your own story and why you care about this cause.

Anti-Trafficking Videos

You can share these impactful stories from human trafficking survivors, created by our international partner, Venture.
Sushila’s Story
Hannah’s Story
Sarmila’s Story
Anti-Trafficking Video

Want to dive into more fundraising tips?

Check out Venture’s Fundraising Guide below. 
Fundraising Guide