Frequently Asked Questions

How has Covid-19 Impacted 30 For Freedom?

 With participant safety at the forefront, we are working with every 30 for Freedom location to ensure all Covid safety guidelines are followed.

What is a virtual run?

A virtual run is a run that can happen at any location you choose! Run on your treadmill at home, on the sidewalk in your neighborhood, or the awesome trails at the state park nearby. You get to run your own race while maintaining social distancing standards.

Is 30 For Freedom doing a virtual run this year?

We are planning on being able to host in person race once again this year! Yay!  But, last year's #VirtuallyUnstoppable 30 for Freedom was more amazing than we ever could have imagined. Because of this, we will be offering a virtual option in addition to our official "on location" races.

If I choose the virtual run option, why do I still have to pay a registration fee?

The costs of running the event on location vs. virtual are similar.

All extra monies received from registrations go directly to the anti-trafficking organizations 30 for Freedom supports.

I no longer want to participate, can I get a registration refund?

Since all extra funds from registrations are donated to the anti-trafficking cause through Venture 501(c)3, registrations are categorized as donations and are non-refundable.

How do I update my address?

Please email your correct address to Jeremy Collier, Venture Miles Manager: jeremy@venture.org.

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